​Deep fried chicken

2pc $4

3pc $5

​Add fries $2


Monday - Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 12pm-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm
Holidays: Closed


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Deep fried Mozza Bacon Wraps

​Deep fried Mozza sticks wrapped in bacon

with a side of fries gravy and a dipping sauce  $14

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Deep fried sides

​Deep fried bananas $5

Deep fried pickles $4

​Deep fried mushrooms $3.50

Deep fried pizza pop $3​

​Add dipping .50

​Deep fried donuts $2.50

​Your choice of powdered. Cinnamon Sugar.

or home made glaze.

​Beef Cheese burger

​Cheese burger with a side of fries.

home made patty with a choice of a home made bun or regular bun. $11.50

Fast sides

​Veggie bowls with ranch dip. $4.50

fruit your choice of bowl or skewer. $4.50

comes with fruit dipping.

Leanne McLeode.


​Honey garlic                6- $6.50

Hot                                 9-  $7.50 

Buffalo style                12- $8.50

​salt and pepper

​Add fries for $2

​Healthy side bowls

​Brussel sprouts $4

​Broccoli/ cauliflower $5

​Add melted cheese $1


​Cheese burger $3

​Bacon cheese burger $3.50

​Mushroom burger $3.25

​Bbq beef patty burger $4.50​

​Make it a double for a $1


​Pop                  Juice                   Milk                     Other

​Sprite  $1.25         Apple     $1.50          Chocolate $1.75       Water $1

Orange  $1.25      Orange  $1.50         Strawberry $ 1.75    Coconut water$2.50

Root beer $1.25   Cranberry  $1.50     Vanilla  $1.75           

Coke   $1.25                                                  2% $1.25